David Contorno
Founder CEO

Insatiably Inquisitive
Industry Speaker and Influencer
Outspoken Disruptor

Mail: dcontorno@epoweredbenefits.com
LinkedIn: David Contorno

Emma Passé
Chief Operating Officer

Relentlessly Determined
Compassionate Truth-Teller
Speaker and Social Uplifter

Mail: epasse@epoweredbenefits.com
LinkedIn: Emma Passé


Candace Hagerty
Account Executive

Dedicated People Person
Softball Champ
Southern Belle

Mail: chagerty@epoweredbenefits.com
LinkedIn: Candace Hagerty


Conner Jones
Marketing Director

Electronic Music Producer
Award Winning Designer
Creative Vinyasa Flow Artist

Mail: cjones@epoweredbenefits.com
LinkedIn: Conner Jones


Douglas Aldeen, Esq.
In-House Counsel

Straight Talking Erisa Pro
Team Player

LinkedIn: Doug Aldeen

Kim Johnson

Scheduling Extraordinaire 
Prompt Responder

Mail: kjohnson@epoweredbenefits.com