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Excerpt: Palmer Johnson Powerd Systems, a heavy equipment distribution company in Wisconsin, switched to a reform-minded broker, David Contorno, adn saved big on it’s health plan while also improving benefits for it’s employees.

The company saved so much in 2017 that the owner rewarded remployees by taking them on an all-expenses-paid trip to Colorado, where they rode four-wheelers and went whitewater rafting.

“Now that my compensation is fully tied to meeting the clients’ goals, that is my sole objective” he told me. “Your broker works for whoever is cutting them the check.”

Book description:

The health care industry wants you to think you’re helpless.

Every year, Americans spend more on health care and get less for their money -and the industry makes record profits. Layers of complexity make it confusing and discouraging to do anything about it. It seems impossible. But the truth is, we can push back and succeed! 

Never Pay the First Bill equips families and employers with the knowledge, strategy and how-to tactics they need to fight back and win. 

We can take back control of our health care. When we do, we make things better for ourselves, our families and one another.

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Post Author: Emma Fox