Transforming the benefits industry by providing transparency, everywhere.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, bigger is not better. In the healthcare world bigger means higher costs, lower efficiency, and less transparency. We know how to sift through the waste and find what works best for your company and plan members.

Our mighty team brings a diverse array of industry experience to the table, and we share a common passion for delivering accessible and affordable health plans. Our plans are designed by the employers who pay for them, and customized expressly for the employees and families that need to use them.

It starts with us, but it continues with every partnership we recommend along the way. E Powered Benefits only works with solution providers that align with our mission and commit to doing business honestly.

530,000 Americans File Medical Bankruptcy Every Year While BIG INSURANCE make billions in profit.

The majority of Americans faced with filing medical bankruptcy were insured by large carrier. We believe insurance should protect people, not ruin them. Access to healthcare should be available to everyone without any involved entity facing financial hardship, including the employers that pay for group health plans.

Many businesses are suffering under unmanageable and unfair premium increases with no data to justify such a leap. But, we do see the data behind the growing revenues and profits of insurance carriers who demand employers pay more year after year.

We've figured out how to create health plans that deliver the highest quality care while lowering the cost to everyone involved and what it takes is no big secret -- get rid of big insurance.



Are you a consultant looking to make a big change to your practice?

The E Powered Benefits Co-Consultant Program is open to all licensed benefits professionals & industry adjacent professionals.  There is no application process or any criteria required for entry – just a healthy desire to learn new strategies, break away from the status-quo, and become more aligned with your clients and their employees. 

The Co-Consultant Program offers one-on-one mentorship and guidance to help benefits consultants better understand alternative payment methodologies, the appropriate plan management skills, and a new way to conduct and win business.  

Co-conspirators for Good