Are you tired of health insurance rate increases you don’t understand? | Have you tried traditional cost control measures like “wellness” programs and increasing co-pays and deductibles? | Maybe even moved to a high deductible health plan?

If these measures are still not bringing the desired results, you should contact us.

We are an agency specializing in working with Employers that truly care about their Employees, but recognize the need for creative solutions that help bend the trend on rising health insurance premiums and at the same time, increase employee satisfaction with the benefits package we are all paying a lot of money for. We can show you how.

What makes us different?  One word: Transparency.

Transparency in how we get paid. Transparency in how you pay for care.
Transparency in the quality of care your employees receive.

We bring full insight into the entire healthcare buying experience, putting the power of healthcare purchasing back in the hands of the payer – you.

We believe that your current broker works for whomever pays them.

You’re likely not paying your current broker directly and if you are, they may be receiving hidden or unknown bonuses or overrides to add products to your benefit portfolio.  When a broker is paid by the seller to represent the buyer, who do you think they really work for?

We only get paid by our clients and we prohibit additional commissions and bonuses in our contracts.  We’ll put our own fees at risk based on our performance in meeting the goals you set for your company.

Our differentiation doesn’t just stop at how we get paid.

We deliver an entirely new benefits experience with performance plans built specifically for your culture and workforce. Our plans deliver better health outcomes while simultaneously lowering costs to both the Employer and the Employee.

Our average first year savings is over 30% from your current healthcare spend with reduced out-of-pocket exposure for your employees at the same time.

Sounds impossible, huh?
Let us show you how.