Small Group solutions for all.

Equitable + Ethical health plans

Same as our larger group plans, our plans for groups with less than 100 employees are designed to improve quality, reduce cost and improve the member experience.

The Small Group Plans

Everyday Health

This is a non-insurance option. That means it does not meet the ACA guidelines and is not a 'minimum value plan.'

Medical Cost Sharing +

This is a non-insurance option. Just like the Everyday Health plan, it does not meet the ACA guidelines and is not a 'minimum value plan.'

Self-Funded Bundle

This plan is almost identical to our unbundled / re-bundled health plans that have made us famous.

We use many of the same solution partners, plan designs, cost structures and strategies, but we've re-bundled it to keep the complexity and administrative work to a minimum.

Plan Designs & Details


Get all the Answers

Any employer with at least 5, but (usually) no more than 100, benefits-eligible employees.

We can deliver a manual / estimated quote in 2-3 days as long as we have a complete census.

Firm fees may require medical underwriting questionnaires which can take 2-3 weeks.

Employer with less than 25 employee will need to complete questionnaires.  

Employers with more than 25 employees may simply submit a detailed census.

Many of the solution providers are the same ones we use for larger clients.

See the packages above and click on ‘DETAILS’ for more info.

All the data. Full claims detail, unit cost for each medical claim, unit cost for prescriptions, admin fees, etc

Of course, much of the detailed data is protected health information so only your in-house HIPAA officer should see it.


Yes, we’re happy to help educate you, your firm, your clients and any prospects on these plans.

Frankly, we would happily discuss how to personalize these plans for your geography if that would help.

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Brokers / Advisors / Consultants: We'll help you explain these plans to your firm, your clients or prospects.

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