In April of 2020, we hosted our first virtual meeting, open to anyone in our industry or adjacent, to learn from us in a completely open forum. We start each episode with our Community Connection time and ask our audience one pressing healthcare question to answer for the group. Since then we've hosted over 50 episodes featuring new topics and speakers each time with the goal to teach our industry how we can do things just a little better.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who created the Coffee Breaks?

    Our very own, Emma Fox! Our Coffee Breaks are co-hosted by Emma with our CEO, David Contorno.

    Who can attend?

    Anyone and everyone! 

    We have a diverse audience of consultants, solution providers, thought-leaders, doctors, nurses, and other clinical workers.

    Is there a cost?


    What's the point?

    We believe that collaborating with other experts makes us all more successful and helps everyone deliver a better consulting practice to our clients.  We don't just teach the industry, we learn from it, too.  We want to know the latest and greatest - what's working and what's not - so that we can be sure our clients are getting the very best of us and our industry, every day.

    Can I be a speaker?

    Yes!  If you're interested in being a speaker, submit our idea and/or content to Emma through our contact tab and we'll reach out!