David featured on Podcast: Relentless Health Value

David featured on Podcast: Relentless Health Value

Episode 339: Helping Employers navigate the Perilous Medical-Industrial Comples, w/ David Contorno

Relentless Health Value is the podcast for business leaders working in payer/insurance carrier and provider organizations, as well as for pharmaceutical, medical device, patient advocacy, and other health care organizations. Healthcare-oriented venture capitalists (VCs) and digital health entrepreneurs also regularly engage with our show. Finally, we have a growing contingent of employer CFOs and benefits professionals who tune in.

The podcast mission is to help transform healthcare by fostering collaboration and breaking down silos. Our panel of expert guests connects you with other healthcare leaders trying to achieve the quadruple aim of improving population health and patient and provider experience, while managing costs effectively.

Relentless Health Value is one of the oldest and largest podcasts dedicated to healthcare industry decision makers trying to do the right thing.

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