David referenced as ‘innovator’ in BenefitsPro

David referenced as ‘innovator’ in BenefitsPro

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How do you make it work? A Q&A with Michael Lutz

From a career as a millwright to a benefits advisor, Michael Lutz brings a unique perspective to the industry

From the article:

Michael Lutz is the CEO of Compass Benefits Group, where his mission is to wake up, educate and improve the health care industry, one client at a time.

I learned through failure. In the beginning, I would say “we can do this, we can do that, this is what you should do, and let’s just rip the Bandaid off.” I didn’t really close any business, so I had to learn through experience.

I ended up co-consulting with several other advisors, including Mick Rodgers, Bob Gearhart Jr., and David Contorno. By doing that, I got to see all the mechanics used by these different innovators, and learn to blend and combine them to bring that crawl/walk/run approach. Everyone does things a little differently; there’s no “set it and forget it” solution. You’re moving every year and there are different ways to approach it, based on different utilization. A solution that works well for one client may not even be applicable for the next one.

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