Full Steam Ahead!

Full Steam Ahead!

Friends, colleagues, clients, 

I know I have been a little less visible the last few months on social media.  It has been a crazy 4th quarter and 1st quarter of the new year.  But it brings some amazing changes that are occurring both directly in front me and all across the country.  As the transparency movement and disintermediation continues, the results being delivered continue to amaze me.  Further, the execution and development of Health Rosetta style plans continues to get clearer and more effective.  Please see most recent outline of the plans we are building for all to see and use.  Here are some success stories in the the last 6 months….

1) We have fully built and rolled out true DPC embedded plans.  This gives the primary physician total control without regard for insurance carriers telling them how to do what the doctor was trained to do, not the insurance executives. And the members rave about the quality of care!

2) We have employers entering their 4th year in a transparent plan, and the improvements continue at a pace I never imagined.  Most clients are seeing 40%+ reduction in costs year 1; 20%+ in year 2, however by year 3 the proper programs are so dramatically improving clinical outcomes, that costs continue to plummet largely from reductions in specialty meds and outpatient procedures in particular.

3) The network of advisors we partner with, to help bring these results to their clients, continues to grow across the country

4) Large health systems nationwide have proactively reached o and are looking to directly contract in a transparent, quality based manner. Good for patient and the REAL payer of care; the employers and employees!

5) All of the above has allowed many employers to offer health plans with little or no payroll deductions and little to no out of pocket! Those employers are beating talent away with a stick!

6) Perhaps the most important article of the year was published highlighting for employers how lack of transparency and perverse incentives all but ensure higher costs and lower quality care and coverage. You can view the article here: http://bit.ly/perverseincentives

7) A new book coming out will reveal the real price we pay for healthcare in this country. Not just the financial price, but the physical one too. I am honored to be featured in Dr. Marty Makary’s next book, The Price We Pay, available for pre-oder on Amazon here (I receive ZERO proceeds from the book) https://amzn.to/2SZGCrv

I share all this with you because E Powered Benefits has seen the impact this has both physically and financially, not only for the employer, but far more importantly, on the personal P&L of every employee and family member on that employer’s plan. It is our desire to get this into as many hands as possible. We want to spread these results as far and wide as we can. So we have put together a very basic comparison of E Powered Plan Design next to a traditional plan (fully insured or self insured).

All stakeholders need to come together and share and collaborate. We need to each recognize the damaging behaviors we have all contributed (Employers, patients, brokers, carriers, health systems, doctors, drug companies, politicians) and start to change now. The breaking point has been reached (maybe surpassed). Let’s work together to fix this beast!