Success Story: Emergency Room Bill – My Personal Story

Success Story: Emergency Room Bill – My Personal Story

If you were on our last #CoffeeBreak, then you heard Al Lewis refresh your understanding of the Quizzify Emergency Consent.

I’m thrilled to be able to share my own personal success story after using Al‘s method.

On July 21st, my 15-year-old daughter was experiencing shortness of breath and chest tightness after a cross-country flight. We initially took her to the urgent care who, after chest x-rays, sent us to the ER to rule out a blood clot.

We arrived at Iredell Memorial Hospital to a completely packed waiting room and checked in. With David Contorno looking over my shoulder as they passed me the intake paperwork, I was reminded in no uncertain terms to keep an eye out for the financial consent, which was very conveniently sandwiched right in between a few other paragraphs.

Following the guidance of my good friend Al, I crossed out the entire financial consent and wrote “I consent to charges of up to 200% of Medicare”, and I signed the document.

Thankfully, after nearly 5 hours, a comprehensive exam, two different types of blood work (the first set done inaccurately), we were discharged with no blood clot and instruction to rest. And then we waited for the bill…

CPT Code: 99285 — A three prong, comprehensive, high-severity issue requiring collaboration with other attending physicians and posing an immediate threat to the patient.

Billed charge: $683.00
Cash pay discount: $204.90
Total due: $478.10

Although I will still ask for an itemized bill just to see exactly what was billed and how, mostly out of sheer curiosity, I would say our Quizzify Emergency Consent was an incredible success!

If you need a reminder of what to do if you’re ever in this situation, check out: or go take a look at Al’s Coffee Break session: