The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnerships

Family-owned and operated since 1956, Team Schierl Companies is a retail and real estate development company in central Wisconsin. The company holds the happiness and well-being of their associates at the heart of the business — but their disappointing health plan didn’t reflect the company’s people-driven values.

Like many self-insured employers, the leaders at Team Schierl Companies were always on the lookout for a better plan. Each year, they’d consult with their benefits advisor to check their current plan and stop-loss coverage against the market, only to find legacy insurance companies still wouldn’t provide lower rates or better benefits.

Team Schierl Companies associates were stuck with a typical dilemma: they could have lower premiums with higher deductibles and worse benefits, or slightly better benefits for much higher premiums. Either way, their hourly wages wouldn’t make a dent in their climbing costs. Associates were frustrated, essentially uninsured and looking for workplaces with better benefits.

How could Team Schierl Companies find a health plan that lived up to the company’s high quality of life standards and improved associate satisfaction?


Most associates making hourly wages didn’t have a large budget for healthcare. Savings was important, but so was an improved member experience.

Team Schierl Companies decided to work with two new advisors, David Contorno and Drew Leatherberry, who follow the Health Rosetta model. David and Drew connected Team Schierl Companies with the uniquely renowned third-party administrator, Apostrophe.

Apostrophe’s Intelligent Health Benefits stood alone as the health plan that would solve the company’s need for better savings, quality care and associate satisfaction.

E Powered Benefits selects their healthcare partners by requiring complete alignment in prioritizing the needs of people. We demand disruption to deliver a powerful partnership that consistently delivers higher quality care to members and lower costs to employers. As our friends at Apostrophe would say, “oh health yeah!”.